Sunday, 2 December 2007

Well, heres the long awaited second installment the BHS disabled collection...however it was snapped entirely thanks to circumstances beyond my control! I was nearly found photographing the urinals in the mens so through sheer embarrassment i dashed out forgetting i actually needed to spend a penny. First escape door on the left was this real machine of a toilet, yes kids - the disabled toilet. The amazingness of it's vastness in size can only matched by the sheer number of options given for which you can throw dirty things away, first of the foot operated lady bin (sorry James, no video's of it in motion :D ) Then the full sized unisex bin that seems unisex until you look closely...i mean - it's got a skirt on!! And frankly no daddy bin should let his little bins go out dressed like that.

Moving back to planet earth, this one had all the usual disabled related trinkets ie: lots of strange bars. No lock can only assume your meant to sit down and hold the door shut by jamming your wheelchair under the handle or exerting considerable force with your walking stick from afar. A walking stick, touch wood (hehe), i don't have. Which made this an unsuitable toilet for my still pressing problem of actually needing to use one - next stop John Lewis...

Monday, 19 November 2007

Sent in from our Menorcian corespondent "Madre", here we have the perfect example of badly planned toilet building.
Situated in Canclementa, Menorca, this unisex toilet is used by patrons of a stable that has been converted into a bar. It is quite an elitist toilet as you can only get in if you wiegh around 2 and a half stones.

The toilet paper dispenser is about three thousand light years away from the toilet itself, leading me to beleive that woman built this bar toilet, bearing in mind that we usualy hover in public.

Please do not ask me how Madre managed to get this terribly alarming bowl it worries me imensely..somebody clean that pan...ARGH!

Two weeks ago, I went to this restaurant with my coworkers in Chia-yi City in Taiwan. I found this elegant toilet for women. There are two choices in this toilet as you can tell. I like the idea of hanging some orchids on the wall and the fact that it is very clean in this loo.Have a look at the fourth photo. The light and the ornaments above the sink outside the loo is gorgeous. By the way, PM of Mikeham told me that it's World Toilet Day today. More than 2.6 billion people elsewhere in the world don't have toilets. Hence,we shouldn't take our toilets for granted.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Amazing innit. I found this one in the public loo's beneath Great Portland Street underground station, and frankly we've become firm friends recently - it's got me out of a few sticky wickets. The decor...well you don't get more 70's than those tiles but then the toilets are really well kept, by most standards anyway so i can only assume they're well loved by us patrons. Another wall mounted siphon (thanks James lol) with a good chain - i'm still a big fan of that. It's so much more gratifying than those button push things.I really don't think i'd like to come here when it's dark outside though...