Sunday, 30 September 2007

"Rose House" is a very famous tea house chain in Taiwan which is known for its English tea. The owner,a Taiwanese, of this tea house is good at oil paintings. You can see his paintings in the shop as well as the loo. It's very posh toilet. Nice light,nice smell,nice painting and nice bog!!! hahaha

I took lots of bog photos as I have promised.haha. The first I'm gonna present is the public toilet inside Banciao Train Station in Taipei. There are 2 types of bogs inside this loo. Have a look.

This dull example of British plumbing was found in Marks & Spencer, Cardinal Place SW1. It was never going to catch my imagination, mainly because I had to queue for it. In before me was a 90 year old frenchman complete with beret and arrogance to speak to me in french, so naturally I never considered actual usage.

Not a great deal one can say about this, paper content looked adequate - as well as on the floor. Can't say i'm feeling the colour scheme but that's M&S for you. Best thing about it? Well that would be coming out grinning with the queue wondering just what the hell i'd got up to in there.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Finaly ! I found a toilet that does not smell like piss! Located at a doctors surgery in the misdemeanor rich area of Grangetown, Cardiff, this toilets issues were more visual than scent based. Paint is flaked all over the floor and toilet seat, maning that there is no debate on wether to hover or not, and the toilet brush looked like it had been there a good 52 years. The worst part about this toilet was the hand dryer area, which seemed to have some kind of yellow backsplash sprayed all over the wall near where you dryed your hands.

Monday, 24 September 2007

The most degrading toilet visit ive made so far, this politically correct bog was spotted at Cardiff magistrates court. It is laden with a non working flush, many disability handles and buttons, and some rather second hand toilet paper. One did not indulge in usage of this bog for fear of never being the same again, and due to the facts that the toilet seat was up mysteriously by itself, and a man had left the cubicle to the right on my arrival.

Saturday, 22 September 2007

I found this toilet in this restaurant for vegetarians. It's in Sinying City of Taiwan.I think this kind of public toilet is a great idea. I would rather squat down than sit on a public toilet seat.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Some shocking bog rollated news. Gwyneth Coles, the lucky thing, was locked in a public toilet for 12 hours. And if that wasn't gift enough from the gods, she had some biscuits in her bag. Why dont great things like that happen to me?

"We obviously should not have locked Mrs Coles in the toilet."

Saturday, 15 September 2007

3 months ago,I found this odd bog in a shop called "3388" in Tainan City of Taiwan. There is a lot of stuff from Japan there. I was shocked to find that someone actually thinks a bog is cute enough to be made as a huggable teddy. :O:O:O Maybe we should all get one?? I'll buy one when I visit Tainan city next. :D Rach and Dans, are you guys interested?

Friday, 14 September 2007

Thanks to Zoe, in Cardiff for this one found it over in Amsterdam, at the Sex Museum... As if we couldn't tell from this, she reminds us that it's well worth a visit! The Batavian links just ooze out of the seat, for instance the foofey that resembles a large crushed tulip with an ample beard. Truly central Europe. There's an interesting cockring/picture frame to the right - or is that just me? But more importantly...Is that mahogany? I think it is!! Bet thats warm on a cold night, no need to hover over this one - always a bonus and a fine fine feature.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Probably the vilest of all toilets to grace this place. It's the standy up one from St Matthews Church, Brixton SW2. Don't let the shine deceive you - thats just my photography talent - this is one dirty stinking place to drop the communion wine.

Features include a nice dent, slightly repaired. Before that you were lucky if your juice made it past the floor, you had to really give it some welly. The bucket, however, has been a constant for some time. Why spend 30p on a bit of copper piping when you can make the cleaning lady's life more hellish than it already is eh?

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

An aptly painted in yellow toilet cubicle encapsulates what could be the pissiest smelling toilet ive used so far.

It is quite a mundane affair to use this toilet, located in Chapter Arts center, Cardiff.

Its sister toilet, situated downstairs is much more interesting, as someone has scrawled the word "Biro", using biro,
on the light switch near the sinks.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Now this was hard work. One of a matching pair of unbranded classics in the stinkiest establishment known to man, woman or beast.
Alphabet Zoo in Cardiff the name, staying able to breathe the game. There really is nothing going for this one i'm afraid, it smelt like someone cillit banged the flash factory - and then shat on it. The floors were slippery, the hand dryer blew cold and the door handle's had greeneys smeared all over them. But strangely, i cant wait to return to this one!
But come on - paint those pipes!!

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Another "shiny' number, this time located in the Ikea store, Cardiff, Wales.
After much enjoying a gravad lax salad, I visited this super shiny lav, and took what could possibly have been the longest
piss known to occur on earth.
This toilet was well equipt to take on my ten litres of liquid, and water levels remained stable throughout.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Now here's one for the ladies! Or not, hopefully. Spotted some time ago in Holborn WC2, I've since cast a shadow upon it many times. It's quality - Armitage Shanks. And the greatest thing about it is the omission of those sodding plastic mat things that splash back at you if you're a bit quick.

Sadly, though, not a urinal cake in sight.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Do I need to name my own toilet? OK! Grenich001..Yeah I know what you're thinking (especially you two-Rach and danny dans!!) It's pathetic the only toilet photo I have on my computer is my own toilet! *coughs* It's freaking hot in Taiwan and I have no time to take photos of the loos. Not now anyway (it's 11:58pm here).Enjoy! And don't envy because my toilet is super clean. *nods*

This Yellowing little number was spotted in "The Plan" cafe bar In Cardiff City center's Morgan Arcade.
They have hand dryers circa 1780, and a very dodgy looking water heater.

The best thing about these toilets are that you can actualy hear your own turd flushing by in that "Mind your head" pipe.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

This shiney little number was spotted in Brixton SW2. Not exactly brimming with features, like a seat for instance. The flush being clearly set in the 'broken' position makes this, for me, a one visit wonder.

It scores well for a high paper content, though.