Saturday, 8 September 2007

Now this was hard work. One of a matching pair of unbranded classics in the stinkiest establishment known to man, woman or beast.
Alphabet Zoo in Cardiff the name, staying able to breathe the game. There really is nothing going for this one i'm afraid, it smelt like someone cillit banged the flash factory - and then shat on it. The floors were slippery, the hand dryer blew cold and the door handle's had greeneys smeared all over them. But strangely, i cant wait to return to this one!
But come on - paint those pipes!!


Anonymous said...

It is the pits in there..I try and refrain from using this every time !

Junny(Lady Junny of Mikeham) said...

ewwwwwwww I can't stand the smell of most public loo. I haven't eaten my breakie yet..ewwww

Anonymous said...

I am eating salad ARGH sick sick

KFC_HEAD said... like salad! :D An excuse for ikea toilet usuage maybe?

Anonymous said...

I dooo I dooo

You need to tidy up your text here young man :D