Saturday, 27 October 2007

This reader submission toilet was sent in by James, and Boy Oh Boy does it sound good. lets see what he has to say about the bog, situated in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

"Here is an automatic self cleaning toilet, they cost 10p to use and they are worth it as they are never vandlised the seat is always clean, and there is paper and soap! They tend to lock me in some times but they are very useful if you need to sit on the seat. They only allow 15-20 minutes usage time. This one was 20 minutes and the other smaller one somewhere is 15 minutes. I'll get a shot of it later. They also talk and tell you what to do if you press a button"
Upon reading this I feel envious. I always wished that a toilet would talk to me some day, and maybe tell me how pretty I looked sat opon them, oh well, maybe in some other life :D

Friday, 26 October 2007

This 100 year old Roca toilet pan was sent in by "Madre" (My mum) From Menorca, Baleric Islands.
This is the second home for this toilet, as its first residence was knocked down long ago.
Situated outside of the house, the damp environment of this toilet attracts many a visitor..including one long term visit from a 100 year old snail who likes to hang out just under the toilet seat. I bet he thinks it is delicious under there, yummyscrum :D
Despite being 100 years or more old, the toilet is in amazing working order, which could be down to the fact that it is rarely used.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Our second reader submission, and first reader submitted bog. I'm almost our baby is growing up. But hey, on the plus side, James, a HUGE fan of toilets has given us two finds from his very own house! We start with the upstairs, a brandless little number but wow, a tidy little number! I especially like the 'hook' loo roll holder mounted on some very well grouted tiles. A taiwanese style bin too the right flank give's it a furnished feel. James inflicted a few wounds on her though, the flush handle on the side snapped thanks to heavy usage. Calm down on those curries!!
His downstairs toilet...well what a treat!! We not only get a greenish gloss but my own personal favorite feature - the wooden toilet seat! Our first photo captures her in her full majestic best, flushing freely at full pelt. Doing what she was crafted to do! As we pan out we see all the ammenities within head height (ever been on the bog while puking in the sink? I have!). However, the high toilet roll could perhaps cause injury the very same way! James prefers this one to the upstairs...i aire on the side of agreement, do you? Remember he's not only an imperial leather guy, he has some serious toilet videos, and now a blog! Visit them all, thanks James, you're a lucky man having two great loo's, albeit one slightly better than the other!

Sunday, 21 October 2007

I went to this lovely tea&coffee shop in my town to get a cup of Mocha coffee. This shop is very chic and clean . The shop owner and the girl who works part-time there are the nicest people I've ever met. They are the kind of people who would never hide a secret. If you ask them something, they will fill you in with all the details;even including how to make coffee and tea drinks. :O:O I also took some photos of the decor of that shop. Instead of attaching decor photos here, I'll put them on my blog (soon!I think..). Back to the topic haha. I love the flushing buttons of their toilet and the idea of putting ground coffee in a tray to keep your toilet smell good. They give out those used ground coffee beans for free. Maybe I should take some home next time I go there. One weird thing about this toilet is the ceiling is blooming high. :O

Saturday, 20 October 2007

I think this one surely takes the vilest toilet of the month award. This 'ol pan complete with art deco(ish) tank can be found in 'a workshop' in Clapton, north east London. It shows just what can be achieved by men when there are no women about. We need women lol I was shocked to see a taiwanese style bin in the corner, complete with filthy paper just oozing out of it like an elephants condom. Then there's the floor......need i say more? The wood covers what can only be a watery hole underneath as when you stand on it loads and i mean loads of water will shoot from the sides. I'm heading for malaria!

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

This toilet was found besides the car park that belongs to the National Palace Museum in Taiwan. It's unsuitable for those who suffer from claustrophobia. Still,it's handy when you have a call of nature. I love the idea they put a painting of a lady wearing traditional clothes in ancient China outside of the loo to indicate"the lady's room".(Have a look at the second photo) If you enlarge the first photo,you will see another painting they put outside"the gentleman's room".

My nan loves BHS. I dont know why cause it really is the most terrible of stores, and the toilet was even more terrible than the notion of having to even walk in there. I did not use this toilet cause of its matrix style scariness, yet my nan loved it. There were wires and cables hanging out of most of the ceiling, which looked as if it had been pissed on by a thousand rats. Oh yes my nan loved it. The sanitary box that you can see there, I swear it shuffled toward me, but then I didnt eat any chocolate all day so who knows? I did not mention this to my nan, cause she loved it, yes, she did. I would be very wary of BHS toilets, all you BHS lovers out there, you have been warned :D

Monday, 15 October 2007

Now, i had to think long and hard whether to send this vision of the almost ecumenical kind to Sharla Hulsey over at God Sightings. I decided against it. I followed the light all the way down the road to galilee from Victoria to the outskirts of Bethlehem. The Ebury houses this little number. How, no one knows, but clearly the cocaine sniffing twits of Chelsea (check out that ledge!!) deserve an eye from the sky.

The establishment itself was utterly appalling, gucci and fendi types everywhere - needless to say I didn't fit in! The bar staff found it hard to comprehend I wanted a scotch without fruit juice, a cocktail umbrella and crushed ice shoved into it. Weird for a pub that only used to serve wrens blood and jaguars ear lobes for the averge chelsea supporting neaderthal to indulge themselves with. Okay okay...

The toilet handled beautifully!

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Quite a clinical looking bog here, and rightly so as it is located in the University Hospital Of Wales, Heath Park. Greatly impressive was this toilet roll dispenser, that lets you pull the bog roll through the middle of the unit...most hygenic ! However the sewage flooding (see attention sign) they've had is most non hygenic, making this hospital toilet quite a balanced visit from a Karma point of view.

Friday, 5 October 2007

Well, it's green again! This lav in classic pose was found in the Clarendon Pub, Pimlico. Now, i'll be honest with you all - the police tape wasn't actually there. Unfortunately it seem's someone had a bigger back side then this poor pan could keep in check and they left a slight brown smear up the back. Naturally, the uncensored version can be found here!

Slightly more fortunate, well for those following after anyway, I'd had just enough scotch to make clearing it my aim. And clear it I did, with gusto. I think you can all work out just how. Anyway! The toilet itself was pretty standard, a few too many pipes perhaps but in it's favour it was a good old Armitage Shanks. The toilet roll dispenser was a bit 'Brixton' considering how poncy the pub is, but again, great caliber tiling. Nothing here to bring me back though.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Its just when British Telecom cant possibly be even greater wankers than they have been already, that they really excel themselves, bringing me to discover such monstrosities as THIS, in Cardiff's citizen advice bureaux.

YES ...I had to use it was degrading
YES...there was piss all over the seat and
YES...its lucky I hovered

There was also a large yellow puddle on the floor.

The sink looked like it had been used to prepare someones food in, making hygene a big issue for me today.

This toilet is inside the National Palace Museum. They put a no-photography sign in the treasure rooms. Hence,I can't show you guys all the treasures I saw in the museum. At least,I can introduce this bog to you.I love the tiles on the wall.The way they wrapped the bin with plastic bag made me

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

I return once more, these offerings are from the Blue Jade Thai restaurant situated in the now gentrified Pimlico area of London.

The main point I feel I must make is that the door was a right bugger! It folded in half, locked me in, locked me out - you're lucky to get a clear photo I was shaking in terror that badly. Also a hell of a lot of space behind that tank...makes you wonder why?

Anywho, the meal was lovely - even the "pork and prawn golden balls" (aka far more poetically: Toong Thong).

Toilet paper content was high, cleanliness supreme! These were good lavatory examples. Rejoice.

This toilet was found inside my sister's flat in Taipei haha and she agrees to put her bog on our blog.YAY! The toilet is dead clean because my sister is a bit of a neat freak.