Tuesday, 2 October 2007

I return once more, these offerings are from the Blue Jade Thai restaurant situated in the now gentrified Pimlico area of London.

The main point I feel I must make is that the door was a right bugger! It folded in half, locked me in, locked me out - you're lucky to get a clear photo I was shaking in terror that badly. Also a hell of a lot of space behind that tank...makes you wonder why?

Anywho, the meal was lovely - even the "pork and prawn golden balls" (aka far more poetically: Toong Thong).

Toilet paper content was high, cleanliness supreme! These were good lavatory examples. Rejoice.


Junny(Lady Junny of Mikeham) said...

That lock-me-in/lock-me out door thingy happened to me when I tried to take a photo of this toilet inside the national palace museum. I'll post it later.


thats scary, I thought you liked getting locked in bogs though Dan?lol

I really do not like the colour scheme here, its rather groady !

Junny(Lady Junny of Mikeham) said...

the first toilet is no good for those who have claustrophobia

DANNY said...

lol, if it was that bad there was more than enough room behind the tank for a breather!

And no, i do NOT like getting locked in bogs...on my own, that was a totally unrelated to me news story :D