Saturday, 27 October 2007

This reader submission toilet was sent in by James, and Boy Oh Boy does it sound good. lets see what he has to say about the bog, situated in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

"Here is an automatic self cleaning toilet, they cost 10p to use and they are worth it as they are never vandlised the seat is always clean, and there is paper and soap! They tend to lock me in some times but they are very useful if you need to sit on the seat. They only allow 15-20 minutes usage time. This one was 20 minutes and the other smaller one somewhere is 15 minutes. I'll get a shot of it later. They also talk and tell you what to do if you press a button"
Upon reading this I feel envious. I always wished that a toilet would talk to me some day, and maybe tell me how pretty I looked sat opon them, oh well, maybe in some other life :D


DANNY said...

It's like a foldaway poker table...almost. I'm not a fan tbh, i LIKE flushing the chain, i LIKE locking the door, i LIKE not being charged for doing a number two.


It is crazy that you have to pay to pooh when you think about it, specialy since cats and dogs just do it in the streets anyway!

Have you ever used one of these?

James said...

"i LIKE locking the door"

On the bigger ones such as these you can press "Lock door" But the smaller ones lock it with no choice.

It's only 10p...not that much of a charge!


10 p away from my 30p per day lunch budget, I cannot afford to use such toilets * starts crying* :)

I would be far too scard that the door was gonna open on my whilst i am using the loo!

James said...

Ah but it could save you loads of money if you get ill using a normal dirty toilet as you'd have to keep flushing sick away!

Na it wouldn't open on you if you press lock, it warns you if you're running out of time!


Its good to be warned I guess lol :) I often hover if I have the displeasure of having to use a public bog .. its scary to think about what you can get from bog seats

Mind you saying that I think net cafes are probably more dirt worthy, i dont know if you use net cafes ? But I certainly find them a tad dirty :D Bog style lol

Anonymous said...

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