Friday, 14 September 2007

Thanks to Zoe, in Cardiff for this one found it over in Amsterdam, at the Sex Museum... As if we couldn't tell from this, she reminds us that it's well worth a visit! The Batavian links just ooze out of the seat, for instance the foofey that resembles a large crushed tulip with an ample beard. Truly central Europe. There's an interesting cockring/picture frame to the right - or is that just me? But more importantly...Is that mahogany? I think it is!! Bet thats warm on a cold night, no need to hover over this one - always a bonus and a fine fine feature.



It is foofy :)

A really good toilet here, I worry about the face staring down though ARGH *runs away*

Scorps27 said...

I thought it was a bit of fun and quite amusing.

Its a must have to visit the museum if you ever go over to Amsterdam in Holland.